Wednesday, August 8, 2012

first (slicing) tomatoes

The San Marzanos have been coming in for about a week. But today I picked a monster Yellow Bradywine and a nice Boxcar Willie - as well as a few handfuls of other veggies.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

two harvest in three days

(There were another ten yukons last night but I forgot to snap a photo.)

So the heatwave is finally over! We had another week of 90* temps (on the coast!) and incredible humidity.
But the garden likes it.
The green beans have been so prolific I can barely keep up. And the zucchini plants have hit their peak, where if you don't pick them when they're perfect and tiny, then they triple in size overnight.
The gladiolus are going nuts. I've cut about seven and they are just beginning. They bloom in succession by color. Every one so far has been a rich orangey red and the ones budding up now look pink.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

garlic harvest

Twenty-two heads (minus a few early ones I snatched) on the front porch to cure in the shade! Half look perfect half are starting to bust out of the bulb, so I guess I could have harvested last week.
This garlic came from a friend of my mom's and is supposedly a Sicilian heirloom. Whatever it is, it smells so sweet and perfumey and unlike the potent stink of grocery store garlic.

Monday, July 9, 2012

the hard truth

I have to fess up that keeping with succession planting and diligent weeding is too much for me this summer. The manure spread in the spring has done less for the mammoth thriving produce that i'd hoped for and more for encouraging thick green grass to grow between everything.
I guess I've done alright so far, with several small harvests and lots of cut flowers, considering it's still early July. But it's been hot and the season seems two weeks ahead so I'm looking at the beds and the ambitious hobbyist in me thinks I can rip out all the weeds and spent plants, and replace them all with a new blanket of carrot seed, potatoes, and squash. Alas, the busy young mother in me knows I'll be lucky if I can get the place weed-whacked and hope that my red chipolinis don't get COMPLETELY choked out!
Champagne problems. Look at my pretty snaps!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

garden meals

With a one-year-old and a four-year-old I have a hard time getting much garden work done, let alone remembering to photograph it! But the beds are full and coming along nicely. Yesterday was around 95 degrees and today should be closer to 100! After a very cool Spring, I think this will jump start those tiny emerging San Marzanos.

I've made 2 garden meals so far this season. The first was heavy on the salad greens with a warm baby Yukon potato salad. The second was egg topped grilled pizzas! Hard to beat. My cornmeal pizza dough topped with garden peas, a baby zucchini, herbs, and store bought leeks. The eggs of course were from my uncle's Rhode Island Reds next door. I'm so spoiled.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

potting up!

I re-potted my zucchini a couple of weeks ago and they instantly went little-shop-of-horrors on me. So I decided to wait on the tomatoes because I'm short on indoor growing space.
Well they can wait no more, the poor little buggers are cramped. I was able to get to about 32 of them yesterday: all San Marzano and Cherokee Purple. Hopefully I'll get the rest done today or tomorrow. Since I only have a few grow lights (and my house has nearly no direct sunlight) I'll be moving a couple of flats to my mom's house, which has big south facing windows. Hopefully the tomatoes thrive like the zukes.
I'm planning to start setting everything out in about 3 weeks. All garden growth seems about 3 weeks ahead of schedule this year so I think that will be safe.

Monday, March 19, 2012

germination trays

I see a lot of transplanting in the near future.